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Looking For Remote Closers

If you have big income goals, like the idea of being able to work remotely, and want to sell a program that is transformational for your clients

Then this may be the opportunity you've been looking for

Here’s why…

My name is Tim Dodd, I'm the co-founder at PEMA.

We help our clients get lead flow, clients, and ultimately grow their revenue.

These are business coaches/consultants and marketing agencies.

Some of the clients that come to us are looking to scale to 20K a month... others are looking to blow past 100K a month.

And, some are already doing over a million a month in revenue.

Our programs help business both get consistent sales appointments at scale and get the sales coaching needed to convert their calls into clients.

In fact, we've helped over 400 clients and climbing.

We're actually growing faster than ever and are looking to take on more closers.

Our ClientScale Offer

PEMA has a 3 month program that helps marketing agencies, coaches, and business consultants scale their sales meetings and clients using a combination of LinkedIn outreach and virtual assistants from the Philippines.

Some of our clients are brand new business owners looking to scale to their first $20K a month in revenue.

Some of our clients are already doing $5M in revenue per month.

On top of that, we provide sales training and coaching for these clients to ensure they are turning their leads into actual clients. (ROI is critical)

In fact, our clients are so happy that over 50% of them sign up for our 6 month backend offer after going through the 3 month program.

- How good is it though? Honestly?

This is the kind of program that you could sell to your mom, dad, and friends because you KNOW it’s going to help them.

We have a slack channel called “Client Wins” and it is CONSTANTLY lighting up with clients CRUSHING IT with this program.

On Target Earnings

OTEs are a minimum of 17K a month

High Performers Make Over 25K a month

*This is commission only

About This Position:

This is a full-time remote sales/closing role.

This fully remote and you'll be able to work from anywhere you have WiFi.

You'll get 5-7 inbound sales meetings a day. (More if you can handle them)

Your job will be to convert those sales meetings into paying clients over zoom.

Yes, we book your calls for you... But we're not looking for lazy closers who only want to close a deal when it comes in... You'll be required to manage your pipeline, do follow up daily, and be willing to put in the work to hit your weekly and monthly KPIs.


- Sell a program that has a transformational impact on your clients

- Get daily sales training and coaching to level up

- Join a team of hard working high-achievers obsessed with winning

- Become the best version of yourself and reach your potential

- Grow and learn through programs, audios, books, coaching, role play, feedback, etc

- Have clear structure, meetings, culture and autonomy 

This is for you if you're looking to increase your income and are willing to work really hard to hit your Financial Goals.

But Before You Get ALL Excited...I’ll Stop You There…


- Aren't coachable... You'll get call reviews, critics, and coaching regularly
- Aren’t willing to put in 50-60 hours a week when needed
- Aren't obsessed with winning for yourself, your family, and your team
- Or think this is a little side hustle thing to make some extra money

This role won’t be easy.

We’re a fast-paced agency who demands nothing but the very best.

This isn’t the boy scouts… This is the Navy Seals.

(We’re the team that the marketing agencies hire when they need clients)

So you’ll be getting on the phone and working with High-Level people.

From Facebook & Google experts, to Fortune 500 Executive coaches, to companies with full sales teams.

We need super sharp, passionate, and HUNGRY closers at the helm talking with these prospects.

You can have whatever beliefs about sales you want at another company.

But if you join the PEMA Tribe as a closer… You must share the belief that:

There Is No Deal That Can’t Be Won With Enough Follow Through, Followup, and Hustle.

Outcomes and Responsibilities

- 30 Day Targets -

1. Learn all the softwares and tools we use for this role
2. Go through all of our training content and and know script + talk tracks
3. Set some of your own meetings and shadow closers
4. Start taking calls
5. Close 5 Deals Minimum

- 60 Day Targets -

1. Close 10 Deals Minimum
2. 50% or Greater Up Front Cash Collected

- 90 Day Targets -

1. Close 16 Deals Minimum
2. 55% or Greater Up Front Cash Collected

Support, Training, Coaching

Here’s the thing,

This isn’t some BS demand we put on closers but haven’t been willing to do ourselves.

I personally got in the trenches selling this offer full time. Taking the calls, grinding the followup, and closing at 40%.

And you’ll be given a SHIT ton of support.

Daily training, coaching, feedback, call reviews, drilling, and everything you’ll need to exceed your personal goals.

If that makes you think “Screw This Guy, I just wanted to do the easy road” - No worries, it just means this isn’t a fit for you.

On the other hand, if you think:
“A team of hard working A-Players that are changing the world while making a lot of money together... LFG” 

Then PEMA is a fit for you.


Culture fit, coach-ability, and hunger are the most important qualifications.

Of course, you'll need to know how to talk to business owners and executives. You have to know their language.

And, having sales experience is a MASSIVE plus.

But, just to be real, the vast majority of "Experienced" sales people suck... and they aren't coachable.

So, you need to be able to talk to business owners, you need to be willing to put in hard work, you need to be HUNGRY to grow, and you need to be coachable.

Those are the MOST important qualifications for being invited to join the PEMA Tribe.


Commission only

$17K minimum OTE based on a 20% minimum close rate

High performers can do over $25K a month closing at 30%

PEMA Culture and Team

The reason we get such great results is because we are obsessed with team culture and the team is obsessed with winning for our clients.

On top of that we are INCREDIBLY picky about who we hire for every role.

There is no “dead weight” on our team. Everyone is a high-performer. Everyone is bought into the mission and here to WIN.

Everyone is here to help each other.

Imagine being a part of a team of A Players that shows up energized to work everyday.
Knowing that you’re helping your clients hit their goals while making great money.

Filled with passion and purpose.

A mission to dominate and be the absolute best in the world at what we do.


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