Attn: Marketing Agencies, Consultants, Coaches & Other Professional Service Providers

Attn: All Marketing Agencies, Coaches, Consultants & Other Professional Service Providers

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The New Way To 
Get Flooded With 
Leads & Clients
Using "Layering"

See how to not only get a rushing river of leads but how to turn them into RED-HOT - watering at the mouth - calls and clients.

FREE eBook:


The New Way To 
Get Flooded With 
Leads & Clients
Using Layering

See how to not only get a rushing river of leads but how to turn them into RED-HOT - watering at the mouth - calls and clients.

What's Included In This FREE Book?

✅ The 2 Biggest Marketing Mistakes To Avoid - so you can bypass the "6-month" learning curve and get results today. pg 5

How To Use "Lead Layering" To Easily Leverage Free & Paid Channels - never worry about where your next lead or customer is going to come from   pg 9

How To Build Lead Momentum - this will allow you to become highly selective and hand-select the clients you want to work with. pg 6

​✅ 3 Rules For Writing Content That Converts - see what it takes to cut through the noise so you can get the lead, close the deal, and focus on your business. pg 17

How To Get Your Leads RED HOT - that's right, you can put all of your leads into a "ready-to-buy" state before they get on the call - imagine no more cold sales calls. pg 13

Turn Calls Into Clients (even if you hate selling) - This little known yet easy to use technique not only converts like crazy but actually makes your sales calls low pressure and fun. No Joke. pg 23

But That's Just The
Tip Of The Iceberg
You'll Also See

How to set a monthly revenue goal and achieve it - whether your goal is $50K or $250K a month, you'll know exactly how to achieve it

​⭕ Learn the only numbers that matter in your company (This basic math that changes the game) - so that you can predictably turn $1 into $2, $5, or even $100 in return.

How to get any cold lead "Ready-To-Buy" before your call - get your leads watering at the mouth for what you're offering so that you can focus on signing up clients and growing your business.

The top 2 strategies on successful outreach revealed - once you know these two strategies, you'll be able to launch a successful outreach anytime you need more clients.

​Why only 1% of all businesses will ever hit the Million Dollar mark - this will give you the edge on 99% of all your competitors so you can hit your revenue goals, build security, and create the life you've worked so hard for.

This Is How To Get Clients On LinkedIn

Raamon Landed His First $50K Deal in 8 Weeks

Brooke Landed $60K
In 3 Months From Starting

Jack Is Getting Meetings
With Fortune 500 Companies

The Testimonies Continue

Are You Ready To Learn How To Use LinkedIn + Multi-Channel To Get Ready-To-Buy Leads and Customers?

DISCLAIMER: The client growth and revenue figures stated here are from our own business results and those of our past or existing clients. These results are not typical and are used here for illustrative purposes only. We are not suggesting that you will replicate them, as the average business that engages in lead generation and client scaling activities does not achieve the same results. Your success will depend on various factors, including but not limited to your industry, the size of your business, the effort you apply, and your marketing strategies. All business ventures involve significant risk and require consistent and substantial effort. If you are not prepared to accept these risks and commit the necessary effort, our programs and services may not be suitable for you.