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“PEMA is the number one agency for getting warm leads and dream clients.”


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Flow Research Collective

14 Month Results:
  • Calls Taken 1146
  • ​Clients 175
  • Cash Collected $773,520
"Because of the results and the trust they’ve earned, I look forward to growing our relationship for years to come.”
Shane Milehan - Chief Growth Officer
Kelly: "I doubled my investment in the first 4-6 weeks with PEMA."
Antoine: "Closed first $12,000 deal in one month with PEMA"
The Flow Research Collective: "Closed 175 Clients for a total of $773,520 in 14 months with PEMA"
Brooke: "I landed $60,000 in my first 90 days with PEMA."
See How Jack Team Is Getting Fortune 500 Executive Sales Meetings and Clients
Ben: "PEMA has been amazing for me in terms of Getting me qualified leads for people that I can serve"
Josh: "If you’re thinking about them, I say do it and do it now."
Catherine: "If your on the fence... get off the fence... it'll work"
Raamon: "Signed up a client worth $50,000 in the first 8 weeks with PEMA."
Elliot: "Game-changer... You are my marketing."
Trevor: "If you're thinking about working with PEMA make the decision... the follow through on their word"
Mandy: "Closed more deals in one week than anything previous one month."

Want to get consistent meetings on your calendar? 


The ClientScale Program™

We help coaches, consultants, agency owners, and B2B service providers get a predictable flow of sales appointments onto their calendars that turn into paying clients.

With over 7+ years of experience in cold/outbound marketing and LinkedIn lead generation, our expertise lies in helping businesses build predictable, end-to-end appointment and client acquisition systems, so they never have to worry about where their next lead or client is coming from. Thus enabling them to have explosive growth month over month.


With the million other coaches, consultants, agencies, and B2B service providers out there, you need an outbound offer that breaks through the noise and positions YOU as the go-to expert to help your ideal client get results. This includes your creating your unique client avatar and outbound messaging that gets them to say YES to a call.


We believe business owners do not need to be spending hours a day on lead generation. Your time is better spent selling & serving your clients. With our leverage systems, we implement proven processes and private software that turn 1hr of input into 20+ hours of output, finally taking the burden of lead generation and client acquisition off your shoulders.


A large part of building efficient and successful client acquisition systems is automation. We create systems that automate how your clients interact with you before your call, after your call, and during succeeding follow-ups. These automated systems are proven to increase your closing rates by 10-20%.


With your end-to-end appointment system fully up and running, you are now in a position to truly scale your business. Whether you want to keep taking calls yourself or eventually hire sales reps, we give you the foundational tools needed to scale your business to the moon.


Done-For-You Appointment Setting
Already have a fully running sales team and need appointments booked for you?

Bulk appointment setting is one of our strong suits, and if you already have a sales team and are looking to throw fuel to the fire to get high-quality, pre-qualified appointments daily on your reps’ calendars - we can help!

Whether you’re looking for 50, 100, or even 500+ high-quality appointments on your team’s calendar monthly, our managed service might be exactly what you need to get predictability and certainty in your lead generation and appointment setting. 



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